Our Services;

The purpose of Atayexim;

* Is to work as an intermediary exporter for the products of the supplier companies in order to export them.

* Is to obtain suitable suppliers in importing raw materials which the companies need, both in the counrty and abroad.

* Is to join industry-specific fairs together or/and for the name of the partner companies.

* Is to obtain foreign marketing and customers, to have exporting connections and exporting agreements, to have the goods delivered to the buyers, exporting formalities  and so on.

* Is to serve as an adviser for the affairs of foreign trade, finance and added value tax (AVT), and for Turkish Exim Bank, customs formalities, and tax formalities including foreign exchange matters and exporting to the companies and to follow the regulation changes instead of the partner companies.

* Is, by having the exporting compaines come together, it arranges seminers, panels and briefings.

Our Conditions;

By means of Atayexim;

* The companies which want to establish their own foreign trade departments and have exporting,

* The compaines which want to import the neccessary raw materials for their production,

* The compaines which want to join the foreign industry-specific fairs and have marketing researches including visiting the custormers ,

* The compaines which want to take technical and logistic support in the matters like Turkish Exim Bank and developments, in the foreign exchange, in the customs clereances and taxing procedural law.

The companies will be visited by us just after the communication with our company.

In the situation that we have agreement about the conditions, it is necessary to sign a contract about exporting intermediary.

Our company is quite particular about protecting the compaines that we have signed contracts with and about choosing the firms which we take part as exporting intermediary. Before we sign a contract with them we study the construction of the firm and we control criterion that, it has to posses; and if it does not carry the criterions, the first advising service is given on this level until the company can be able to export.

After the beginning of the exporting intermediary for the suppliers and producers who have the convenient criterions, our firm authorities check the return of added value tax (AVT) for the name of the compaines at certain periods.

As we perform our exporting and advising activities, we are extremly particular about the controlling and about follawing the procedures so that the system could develop in a healty way for both sides.